Institute of Phthisiopulmonology (PHTHIS)

The Institute is responsible for surveillance and coordination of National program against tuberculosis in St. Petersburg, Northwest and Northern Russia (17 regions), and has a wide experience in implementation of its results into public health by means of preparation of guiding documents and manuals.

Expertise related to their role in the project: The Laboratory of Microbiology of Tuberculosis participating in this proposal has recently been equipped for advanced research in mycobacteriology and immunology, such as M. tuberculosis strains isolation, biochemical characterization, drug susceptibility testing, MIC testing, macrophage culture experiments, P3 facilities for handling hazardous pathogens (M. tuberculosis: class III pathogen agent) with double entry, double-access autoclave, depressurized rooms, biosafety hoods, centrifuge. The laboratory has CO2-incubator for macrophage culture experiments, as well as everything necessary for GLP work in mycobacteriology laboratory.

Key Personnel

Boris VishnevskiyTatiana OttenLidia Steklova