The Global Alliance for TB Drug Development (TB Alliance)

The TB Alliance is a not-for-profit product development partnership accelerating the discovery and development of new TB drugs and regimens that will shorten treatment, be effective against susceptible and resistant strains, be compatible with antiretroviral therapies, and improve treatment of latent infection. The TB Alliance is committed to ensuring that approved new regimens are affordable, adopted and available to those who need them.

The TB Alliance operates as a virtual R&D organization, meaning that it does not have its own laboratories. R&D activities on all TB Alliance projects are performed in conjunction with partner organizations.

Expertise related to their role in the project: The TB Alliance has established efficient mechanisms for undertaking collaborative R&D activities, and can effectively coordinate responsibility with partners.

For this FP7 program the TB Alliance will work with its preferred academic partners to determine the efficacy of compounds in animal models of TB. In particular, the TB Alliance will provide: 1) A model of established (chronic infection) TB in the mouse, in which individual or combinations of anti-TB drug are used, and reduction of lung bacilli is monitored. 2) A mouse model of relapse, in which individual or combinations of anti-TB drugs are used to treat infected mice, then therapy is withdrawn and relapse (or lack thereof) is monitored. 3) A guinea pig model of tuberculosis, in which individual or combinations of anti-TB drug are used, which some researchers believe is closely representative of the human disease.

Key Personnel

M. Gerard Waters.